Welcome to Chilluminati Tickets.

Tickets for small-scale DIY shows and events. No “dynamic pricing”. No predatory fees.

Soft launch is open. Buy tickets to upcoming events here.

Every institution that exists within the music industry is sub-optimal (or worse) for smaller, independent* musicians. We need platforms for folks to share their art without being forced to use archaic systems that are designed to extract every single cent from bands.

Our long-term vision is to provide services to replace all of those. Something can be affordable AND profitable and maybe even “commercially successful” without being exploitative and degrading. None of us are getting rich but we do want to sleep at night.

* In this context, independent does not mean “refuses all help from others who are really good at different things too”. It means retaining decision-making power.

Do you host shows or other small events? Request an invite to sell tickets for your small scale events at a minimal cost!

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